Monarch Wonders

    Marion Robinson


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    By Marion Robinson  |ISBN 978-0-6483905-2-7

    The  transformations in the Monarch Butterfly’s life cycle continue to speak to adults and children alike.

    Let the gift of Monarch Wonders bless you as you meditate on God’s creation.

    Allow the imagery to open your heart and spirit to what God may say to you in the intimacy of quiet moments with Him.

    Monarch Wonders has come about as a result of a sudden change in circumstances following a head injury.

    My life slowed down considerably as a result and I started taking more notice of what was around me. The things that I believed God drew me towards, particularly in nature, I began to photograph, this developing a love of both nature and photography. Throughout the process God  revealed more of Himself to me as well as giving me enriching, healing, lifelong lessons. What started as a negative has been turned into such a blessing.

    As we reflect upon the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly, our own lives become one of a deeper understanding of God’s love and healing.

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