Mission 405

    S. E. Dryden


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    By S. E. Dryden  | ISBN  9780648101666

    After having an out-of-this-world adventure in a world beyond this planet, Trent and Mase, ten year old boys, find themselves returning to earth and staying with extended family. Amazed at the miracles that happen after visiting the Kingdom of Light.

    The boys take on a mission to raise money for cancer testing equipment at the local hospital. But the Kingdom of Light has their own special mission for the boys which is not revealed until a fateful day at the Duckworth Show. The boys narrowly escape a gang of troubled youths and finally figure out their Mission 405.

    Join author S. E. Dryden in Mission 405, a buddy story filled with childhood adventures about faith, friends and embracing new experiences.

    About the author

    S. E. Dryden was born in the South Island of New Zealand where she gains inspiration for the story but currently resides in Auckland. She enjoys writing for children and the outdoors.

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