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Ministry Stinks

Melanie J. Saward

ISBN 9780648578062

LIST PRICE: $22.99


Ministry is hard. Surprisingly hard. It’s absolutely possible to give up, resent it, reject it, suppress it and any other survival mechanism that leaders employ to make sense of it all. Whilst conversation around leadership might focus on strategies and concepts for success, this enlightening book focuses on the happenings within the leader that can lead to discouragement and frustration.

Ministry Stinks is a very honest look at the aspects of ministry that make it particularly challenging and provides practical tools for mastery. It is possible to have great joy in leading, as the author discovered!  Melanie J. Saward demonstrates this by encouraging the reader to participate with God’s methods to be shaped into the leaders that can stand the test of time.

About the author:
Melanie J. Saward is a Pastor and leader in Australia where she has focused on small group ministries. She practiced as a Rehabilitation Counsellor for about 10 years in the corporate environment before entering full-time church ministry. She has been contributing to blogs for several years and runs her own self titled blog, where she explores life, faith and leadership topics in a thoughtful and authentic way. She is married to Josh, has one very cheeky 6 year-old daughter and two dogs.


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