meant to be

    Meant To Be

    Sarah Bartlett

    ISBN 9780645636642

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    Adventure: that is what they dreamed of. Packing up their high school lives, jamming their possessions into the car and leaving their small town in the dust, Sam and Anita are inseparable. Best friends for as long as they can remember, Sam’s twin brother, Alex, is also never too far away. They call themselves ‘the three twins’.

    Meant to Be is a coming-of-age romance novel set in Wollongong, Australia. It follows the life of quiet but confident Anita through the ups and downs of her romantic life, making friends and gaining independence.  All the while, Alex, her best friend’s brother, is hopelessly in love with her, trying and failing to confess his love, while she remains oblivious to his affections.

    Just when you think the path of love will bring them together, unfortunate circumstances and life choices threaten to keep them apart forever. Will Alex’s indecision let Anita slip away just when he needs her the most? Told through the eyes of Anita and Alex, this love story will have you weeping and cheering as you unfold the adventure that is love.

    About the author
    Sarah Bartlett is a teacher and author from Wollongong, Australia. Sarah’s faith and family are foremost in her life and form inspiration for her writing. Meant to Be is her debut novel, inspired by her own life and journey thus far. 

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