Market Place Ministry

    Ross Walker


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    By Ross Walker | ISBN 9780648938095

    Have you ever felt an inner prompting to share your faith with someone and then struggled to find the right words? Or perhaps you see a friend or work colleague in difficult circumstances and want to offer a word of encouragement. Your heart aches for them and although your thoughts may turn towards God, for some reason, the right words just don’t seem to come.

    For the silent majority, this is sadly the case.

    Ross Walker has been involved in market place ministry for almost 40 years and has made the observation “Christians who are unable to confidently share their faith will often remain silent at a time when the rocks and stones are wanting to cry out that Jesus Christ is Lord”. (Lu 19:40)

    Paradoxically, the evidence of true discipleship includes always being ready to give an account of our faith. Our lamp (or testimony) it is not meant to be hidden under the bed, any more than our talents (gifts, skills and abilities) are meant to be buried in the ground.

    Just before His ascension from earth, Jesus commanded his followers to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation…” (Mark 16:15).

    If you are serious about obeying the Great Commission, but have experienced difficulty in sharing your faith, this book is for you! This book demonstrates that if we allow our faith to conquer our fears, all things become possible. This includes the supernatural power of God being released into our lives to perform miracles, signs and wonders in line Jesus’ declaration “And these signs shall accompany those who believe….” (Mark 16:17).

    Market Place Ministry uses many tools, teachings and examples from the Bible narrative to communicate the gospel message in a manner that sits within a modern-day context and is easy to understand and apply.

    About the author
    Ross Walker is a professional Economist with an extensive background in both public and private sector environments. Ross left the public sector in 1994 to establish Roscar Management Consulting Pty Ltd and has consulted extensively to the bus and coach industry in Australia ever since. Ross graduated from full time ministry training in 1998 but always felt drawn to the market place rather than the pulpit.

    Since then, Roscar has established itself as a multi-award winning brand and recognised market leader in the field of logistics and project management, having successfully delivered some of the largest transport events in Australia over the last two decades.

    Ross is the principal of Roscar Group of Companies which specialise in project management of major transport events. It also operates technology and management consultancy businesses.

    Ross is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and supporter of numerous Christian based ministries and charities. He has also had active involvement in market place ministry for almost four decades.

    Ross is happily married to Carmel (40 years) and they have three children and three grand children. The family have dual residences on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

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