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Marketing Success

Tony Gattari

ISBN 9780980345889

LIST PRICE: $24.99


Dramatically increase your profits by using practical strategies that won’t break the bank.Marketing Success draws upon the real-life practical experience of Tony Gattari, who headed up the Harvey Norman computer and communications division for nine years, overseeing the growth from $12 million to a massive $565 million in 9 years. Through his experience and working as a corporate/business advisor and trainer to over 200 businesses worldwide with fellow co-author Shaun Mooney, the book highlights the power of Marketing. 

The essence of using low cost practical marketing strategies to create a perception of value so eliminate issues of ‘price’.  This hard hitting, no nonsense book is a must read for all those in business who desire to accelerate their sales and profits immediately!


“The show-you-how-to diagnose and implement consistent marketing strategies and measure the results using low-cost marketing strategies.”
Australian Financial Review

“It’s fair to say that advertising agencies and graphic design consultants won’t like what Tony Gattari and Shaun Mooney have to say.””The key to success in business is making sure you understand the power of marketing.”
The Australian Newspaper

“Tony Gattari and Shaun Mooney’s ‘Marketing Success’ is a gutsy little read (less than 200 pages) that takes the mystery out of marketing and should find an eager audience among Australia’s small business owners.”

“Marketing Success is easy to follow and complete with worksheets and templates so that readers can apply the information in each chapter to their real-world situation. It is also sprinkled with vignettes showing people succeeding after applying Gattari’s and Mooney’s techniques.”

“The book is simple and straightforward, and people following its advice should get off to a solid start in their marketing.”

“It is about the need for continuing discipline in marketing, getting the basics right each day, and setting and tracking budgets, targets and timetables. This is not the glamour end of marketing, but businesses are unlikely to succeed without it.”
Australian Marketing Institute

“You can almost hear Mr Gattari’s enthusiasm for turning a marketing disaster around rise off the page, which is not surprising for a guy who lifted the sales of Harvey Norman’s computer division from $12 million to $565 million in nine years.”

“Even those with no marketing background should find it entertaining.”
Australian Financial Review

“A uniquely Australian guide to marketing.” Inside Retailing “Fast paced book details real-life successful marketing strategies and ways to assess the impact of marketing initiatives, and discusses costly, unproductive strategies.”

About the authors
Tony Gattari is the founder and chief energy officer at Achievers Group. He is a passionate professional speaker, business educator, author and corporate/business advisor whose expertise and passion for business runs deep. Tony was general manager for Harvey Norman Computer and Communications Division, where he oversaw the growth of the division from $12 million to $565 million in 9 years. Tony has been the managing director of a public listed company and has also been CEO of a successful technology company. Tony is also the co-author of The Pillars of Business Success, Business Success and is also a key contributor for Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed and Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed. He has addressed over 10 000 people and worked with over 110 companies.

Shaun Mooney is a former director and business advisor of Achievers Group. In January 2008 he launched his own consultancy company Profit Marketing. As the chief profit maker he services SME businesses in Sydney, Australia. Profit Marketing has a simple pledge; “Marketing Strategies that Increase Your Profits or Your Money Back.” Shaun also commentates and writes articles for various business and trade publications, such as Inside Retailing, Stationery News, CEOonline, and Bicycling Australia. Shaun is also the co-author of The Pillars of Business Success.

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