Making Sense of Faith

    John West

    ISBN 9780645492651

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    It’s the case for Christianity, but with a personal flavour. Author John West reflects back over the years of his life: through high school, as a school teacher, and then an Anglican minister, to see what still convinces him that faith in God actually works.

    Many people do not believe because, for them, God appears to be absent. But for John, that has not been the case. In a short, engaging and easy-to-read book, he draws on personal experiences, grapples with some of the scientific evidence, considers the validity of the Biblical claims, and observes how the Christian ethic both works and makes sense of the world.

    Making Sense of Faith will help you simply make sense of your faith in the unseen.

    About the author
    John West was born in Liverpool, UK and emigrated to Australia as a school teacher in 1971. He left teaching to become a minister in the Anglican Church and served in Sydney, Newcastle and Grafton dioceses over twenty-five years before semi-retiring in 2016, from rector of the Parish Port Macquarie and his position as a Grafton Diocese missional archdeacon. John gained teaching certificates from the UK and NSW, a B.Th and an MA in Theology, which led to some part-time lecturing. He has three married children and four grandchildren through his marriage to his late wife, Susan. He has since re-married to Lisa in 2020. They live on the NSW Central Coast, while doing part-time locum work in the Newcastle Diocese.

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