loved saved healed

    Loved. Saved. Healed. – A Story of Hope

    Louise Wilkinson

    ISBN 9780645993844

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    When Louise Wilkinson was a little girl, she thought that her father owned her. Sexually abused since infancy, Louise grew up thinking that it was normal to be used for sex. As a teenager, she was trafficked by her father to his friends.

    In 1988, she moved to Perth, Western Australia with her family and began a new life. What followed were years of drug abuse, dysfunctional relationships and mental instability. Louise fought her way through domestic violence, grief and betrayal. She thought that she would never break free of her pain and suffering.

    It was only after giving her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ in 2012 that Louise began her incredible healing journey.

    Loved. Saved. Healed. is a compelling story of trauma and heartbreak, but also one of love. It is a testimony to the healing power and grace of God.

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