Love Is Everywhere

    Nicole Chini


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    By Nicole Chini | ISBN 9780645103175

    Love. It’s probably the most commonly searched for and yearned for thing on this planet. There are websites dedicated to it, songs sung about it, dating sites in search of it, movies made about it. The list goes on.

    But what if love were available always? And even better here right now for you to access. In every moment! And what if the love you seek is in actual fact right here. You’re just not seeing it yet!

    This is what this book your holding is about – love. A love which we all yearn and want more of.

    Not love in the romantic sense, yet this too is love. Thankfully however romantic love isn’t the only way of giving and receiving love. There are many ways. And this book and its stories will reveal to you just how easily love can be seen and IS everywhere.

    This book will help open you up to seeing and welcoming more love in your own life.

    The only question is do you? Do you want more love in your life? If you do then this book will help you discover the love which already surrounds you and is always available. Because Love is Everywhere.

    About the author
    Nicole Chini is someone who lives and breathes love. She sees it everywhere and wants you to see it too. Since losing her mother and ‘love source’ unexpectedly in 2010 – far too soon, she vowed to live a life that matters. A life that loves. And write about it. Sharing with the world just how easy it is to see love and live it every day.

    She has been been writing since she was a little girl, but no longer does she write about carebears and cabbage patch dolls (her two favourite things growing up) she now loves to write about her passion. Love.

    She is a mother of all boys, including one fur boy named Roger, her beloved Jack Russell Terrier. She is a lover, daughter, sister, aunty and friend to many.

    She currently lives on the the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and when Nicole isn’t writing you will often find her secretly doing random acts of kindness and blasting social media and friends with love.

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