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Love & Identity

Adele Grobler

ISBN 9780645459661

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Reading scripture plays an especially important part in our walk with Jesus. The Bible teaches us about God’s nature, including how to live and what to avoid. It is our road map for life. But how much time do we spend meditating on what the Bible says?

Reading is one thing, but really pondering, thinking and applying what we read is what brings about change in our lives. In Love and Identity, these 52 weekly devotionals are designed to help you grow in both love and in your identity in Christ.

Identity and love are fundamental in our walk. Knowing who we are in Christ and knowing His love for us are the foundations for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. It is what helps to stabilise us in a crazy, unpredictable world. Many people feel lost or like they have no purpose simply because they don’t fully know who they are in Christ and lack revelatory understanding of His love and passion for them.

It has been said that we can forget up to 70% of new information within 24 hours. We are sometimes tempted to just read a devotional once and move on. If we spend a more time revising what we read, such as 7 days instead of one, we remember more of what we read. Make the most out of these 52 devotionals by meditating on each one for seven days (one devotional per week), applying what you read, and see the transformation change in your life.

About the Author
Adele Grobler started her career life as a clinical veterinarian. However, God had other plans and re-directed her into prophetic ministry. She is now the Director and Founder of BOLD EXISTENCE, an online enterprise. Bing a business owner, she has had to take some pretty bold steps of faith on her journey with God. It is her passion and heart to mentor, empower and coach the body of Christ in taking bolder leaps of faith in Him, to grow stronger in their identity in Christ, to better understand His love for them, and to live healthier sustainable lifestyles.

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