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    By Geoffrey Gay | ISBN 9780648715030

    LostRalia is an epic poem that takes place in the continent of Ralia (Australia) in an anachronistic medieval setting.

    The Crown Prince Cavaliere wishes to marry the Lady Adelade, but his plans are thwarted by the Dark Lord Purth who schemes to use her to lure Cavaliere to the west to weld two mysterious shields and bring about eternal chaos.

    With the aid of the Grand Duke Orlbry, Cavaliere, with Sir Sedny and his recently-found Father, upset Purth’s plans and establish a Kingdom of love and true liberty. ‘LostRalia’ was a hand-written work that this storyteller finished in 1986.

    Not only a prayer for Australia, this epic poem is also an allegory of the greatest romance of all between Christ and His Bride. Set out of place and time, LostRalia is an anachronistic ballad wherein Prince Cavaliere sacrifices all for the Lady Adelade, who, having been stolen by the Dark Lord Purth, is used to bring two mysterious shields together to plunge the realm into eternal darkness. By thwarting these schemes, Cavaliere arises victorious to win back eternity for his espoused.

    In LostRalia you will recognise the truth of the gospel, and the significance of eating from the Tree of Life. Suitable for older readers as well as young, LostRalia should provide all readers with a new understanding of Scripture using an age-old medium.

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