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    Ian Heard


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    By Ian Heard | ISBN 9780648825951

    ‘…In the little boy’s heart, happy as he was, there remained a vague ache. How can you miss something, someone, you never knew? But he had the dog-tag. That would do. That brought him close. He took to wearing it in early teens—and tried to engrave his own name on its reverse side using the sharp point of a drawing compass, perhaps somehow to join himself with the missing owner. I can see those marks as I hold it in my hand today…’

    With scant information after the passage of many years, it’s a tall order to ‘find’ the father who died in World War II, never knowing his son; unless—a Guiding Hand should assist the searching son, by bringing that father (a decorated war hero) to ‘life’. Here, in Ian Heard’s search, a ripping yarn becomes a gripping yarn—and an extraordinary and true adventure of discovery.

    A story told to hundreds in service clubs, churches and at an ANZAC Day commemoration, this is that story now in print to inspire those who’ve lost family in war. or who wonder where to start in their own journey of discovery. A modern parable of war, heroism—and closure.

    About the author
    Ian, an Australian, loves sailing, writing, preaching and good food, wine and company. He has been blessed to minister widely, has been an ordained denominational pastor and a successful businessman—who has recently celebrated 55 years of marriage to Yvonne! Ian’s website which includes information about his other books, is at www.until-we-see.com.

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