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Teri Kempe
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Living Unmasked

Teri Kempe


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By Teri Kempe | ISBN 9780645371499

During the COVID pandemic we all wear a mask. Nothing is ‘normal’ anymore. Many things we assumed gave us our identity such as our profession, church, social group, sporting club, even our family gatherings have been denied. We are forced to ask: Who am I? Loneliness and isolation cause many to reflect on their values and purpose in life.

God is giving us a second chance to unmask before Him, as he has unmasked us during all the lockdowns and restrictions over the last two years.

What attitudes keep us masked before God and each other? What does the Bible say about the masks we wear which hide who we really are? How can we be real – unmasked – with each other and with Him?

Join the journey to discover the real you – and the real Him.

About the author:
Teri Kempe’s life was dramatically altered by a family tragedy that threatened to completely destroy her. Where was God through the pain? How could she ever live a normal life again? She found answers to these questions when she volunteered in Fiji. Having since returned to Australia, she is still volunteering, but loves spending time with her children and grandchildren and everything Fijian.

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