Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers

    Ray Keipert


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    By Ray Keipert |ISBN 9780648919438

    When cast into difficult and sometimes threatening circumstances, or unexpected challenges, we all have a choice. We either sink or swim. Those who succeed are the ones who rise to the occasion, drawing on inner spiritual strength to respond to the challenge or pursue their personal dreams.

    Whatever the reason for their internal drive, many persevere, refusing to be swamped by events beyond their control. In experiencing life’s ups and downs and overcoming them, they gain true satisfaction.

    Yet along the road of life, we are bound to meet a few villains and those who have unworthy motives; people who turn inwards for their own selfish reasons. perhaps addicted to alcohol or greed, caring nothing about their fellow man, and all too ready to exploit.

    Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers is a collection of 20 short stories by writer Ray Keipert. There is courage aplenty, inspiring the reader to remedy injustice, or to bring about change in their lives. While the various characters are drawn from the author’s life experience, they are fictitious, unless publicly known or otherwise acknowledged.

    So if you’ve experienced a few losses and you’re looking for inspiration on how to climb back on to the winner’s podium, then this book is for you.

    About the author
    Apart from times overseas, Ray Keipert lived all his life in various Sydney suburbs prior to retiring to Tea Gardens with his wife, Léonie in 2013. His career experience was in high school teaching, Commonwealth public service administration and lastly, as a TAFE teacher of Communications / examinations supervisor.

    He has always been keen on creative writing but earlier attempts produced nothing lasting. While in the workforce, Ray’s main outlet for interest in this area was in composing scenarios for his students to analyse. However, once he joined the Myall University of the Third Age Writers’ group, Ray found the opportunity to produce both short stories and poems, a source of great inspiration and pleasure. He has received some acknowledgement of the quality of his short stories in literary competitions. As well as writing, Ray is enrolled in other U3A courses of special interest. Who knows, these may provide the background for future stories…

    Ray and Léonie are both well-involved in the local Baptist Church, plus the lives of their adult children and grandchildren.

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