Life. God. Me.: How To Determine God’s Purpose For Your Life

    Don Barns

    ISBN 9780994429902

    LIST PRICE: $17.99


    We are not an accident. We are carefully designed and made.

    God has a dream, and for its fulfilment people are needed; people like you and me who can be trained to work with God.

    We are valuable, but because of sin, unavailable. The Gospel not only promises forgiveness and a new life, but more importantly, invites us to take on God’s desires and share with him in his dream. Once available, he trains us for his unique calling.

    When we grasp something of God’s big picture, life’s focus becomes more stimulating and satisfying

    Are you willing to let him do something remarkable with your life?

    About the author
    About the author… Don Barns is a retired member of WEC International, serving in Japan for 15 years after which he was a faculty member of the WEC Worldview College in Launceston, Tasmania. His experience in Japan was centred around pastoral and bible teaching. He was teaching at Worldview from 1977 till 2014.

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