Let the People Rejoice

    Mike Spencer


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    by Mike Spencer | ISBN 9780648371977

    “Was there life before Contemporary Christian Music?” is a question that few under the age of 40 are able to answer with any certainty today. The so-called “worship wars” of recent years have polarised opinion and split congregations. Not that this should surprise us. Christian music has sparked controversy ever since its first mention in the book of Genesis.

    In his new book, author Mike Spencer delves into the history of music in the church, from Bible times right through to the present day. He looks at the relationship between music and some of the great events in church history, and examines the lives of some of the men and women of God who have contributed to our rich musical heritage.

    In the Bible, Jesus talks about drawing from our treasure “things that are new and fresh and things that are old and familiar.” (Matthew 13:52, AMP) It is hoped that, in the realm of worship, this book will provide Christians with the resources to do just that.

    I’ve read many books on Christian music but Let the People Rejoice is the most comprehensive and insightful to date! As an artist and worship pastor I appreciate Mike Spencer’s knowledge of the historical journey of Christian music and the honor he brings to the great legacy of doxology! Scott Wesley Brown

    I heartily recommend this book to all lovers of the development of Christian music. It honors those many hundreds of composers who were inspired to write by the Holy Spirit. Mike Spencer’s smooth flow of sacred music history is very readable, not merely as a resource for study, but also as a pleasant excursion into the past. David Evans,Producer of the weekly Heart and Soul Radio program in Australia

    From Ignatius to Hillsong, from Bach to the Gaithers, from the Wesleys to Elvis, here is a brilliantly researched gem, walking us systematically from the birth of Christianity, through the Dark Ages, the Reformation, the Great Awakenings and into the spiritual insights and resources we enjoy today. Brightly illuminated by little known quotes from a myriad of sources and the discerning faith of the author. Dennis and Nolene Prince, Resource Christian Music

    About the author:

    Mike Spencer is a New Zealander who now lives in Australia. After the death of his first wife, in 2014, he married Christine. Between them, the couple have eight grownup children and a number of step-children. Mike is a teacher by profession. He taught history and geography in state secondary schools for 12 years, then in a Christian school for another 12 years. From 1995 to 2015 he wrote educational resources for Christian schools in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. 

    Mike is the author of the landmark book One People, One Destiny: A Christian History of Australia. Best-selling writer and inspirational speaker, Col Stringer, said of this book, “Mike Spencer has produced an excellent and valuable work in his book dealing with our Christian Heritage.”  Mike has combined his love of music and his love of history in the writing of this present work.

    Mike is an entertaining speaker. He is available to talk about Australia’s Christian heritage and to run seminars on the history of Christian music. These seminars are interactive, and involve video clips and congregational singing. Email michaelspencer8@bigpond.com for further information or visit Mike’s website www.mikespencer.com.au

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