leading like jesus

    Leading Like Jesus

    Kevin Simington & Dr. Keith Farmer

    ISBN 9780645880908

    LIST PRICE: $27.99


    An essential book for everyone in Christian leadership of any kind.

    “This book is both edifying and profoundly disturbing. It shines a light on the dysfunctional leadership trends that have infiltrated the contemporary church in recent times and points the way forward for personal and corporate reform.”

    • Dr. Dennis Nutt, Associate Professor of New Testament, Australian College of Ministries.

    “Leading like Jesus is a call to radically rethink our approach to Christian leadership. Whether you are just starting out in Christian leadership or a veteran leader of 30 years, it casts a compelling vision for how to re-shape your leadership in ways which are sustainable and Christ-centred. Grounded in rich stories of the disciples’ encounters with the radical Rabbi, it invites us to overturn almost everything we have learned about authority, position, power and influence, calling us, instead, to follow in the footsteps of the Radical Rabbi.”

    • Sarah Whitehead, Graduate School Manager, Australian College of Ministries.

    ‘This book will equip leaders to emerge stronger, wiser and more resilient.”

    • Dr. Mark Connor, Pastor, Speaker and Mentor
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