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Land of the Bible

John Cronshaw


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By John Cronshaw | ISBN 9780648084587

“With this inspired book, you can turn a simple holiday in Israel to a more profound spiritual experience. Based on years of experience, John Cronshaw has selected places, Bible readings and reflections to enable you to connect with and be transformed by your itineraries.”
Andrew Mitchell,
ACT 2017 Tour

“Having both read the earlier edition of this volume and had the privilege on being on tour in Israel with the author, I can confidently recommend this new edition. John Cronshaw demonstrates not only his deep knowledge of the Bible in its entirety but also his years of experience developing tours and researching the Holy Land. Both his erudition on the one hand and his devotional perspicacity on the other, are evident in each chapter. The text itself is deceptively easy to read yet the insights contained will provoke thoughtful and prayerful consideration. Solidly based in the stories and incidents in both the Old and New Testaments, the author brings new understanding of the differing contexts in which the Scriptures were written over 1500 years and in doing so fresh appreciation of the Biblical message in its fullness.”
Professor Robert Pryor PhD,
Australian Catholic University,
Author of The Chaos Theory of Careers

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