Knowing Where You Are Going
Neil Flower
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Knowing Where You Are Going

Neil Flower

ISBN 9781763511279

LIST PRICE: $22.99


Basic Discipleship Made Understandable for Christians

Perhaps this volume should have the title “The Answers to the Questions behind the Answers!”

Strange title perhaps, but maybe very necessary because today, many people have questions about the meaning of Christianity, or even how to live as a Christian.

These and many others like them are good questions and need, and deserve, good answers. Thus, the reason for this book. Knowing Where You Are Going is written to give comprehensive, Biblical answers, without being too technical or full of hard, obscure or theological words.

We think that it is unique in this way.

Why not try it for yourself? Knowing Where You Are Going contains 11 studies on basic issues. Written in plain English, with all hard words and concepts defined and explained, any seeker or even theological student will find satisfying, Biblical answers to the fundamental yet necessary questions about faith and belief.

And… as a bonus, space is left in each study so that the reader can write out any further questions or comment that might arise to ask their study leader or Minister/Pastor.


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