Kissing You Goodbye: A father’s journey through grief

    Jeff Poole


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    By Jeff Poole | ISBN 9780648390572

    Every few minutes, a child dies somewhere in the world and usually, that means someone’s heart will break and their mind rage with unanswerable questions. If you are reading this, chances are you have lost a child, grandchild or you have friends who have. The impact it will have is unfathomable and the journey will be difficult and different for everyone. Your journey of grief may walk through anger, denial, pain, loss and hopelessness.

    You may bottle it up and pretend it is OK, you may vent it out. I did both. I shook my angry fists at the sky and I fell helpless to the muddy earth, sobbing and weak with grief.

    I survived! Take heart in the fact that millions before you have lived through loss and grief and you can too.

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