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Justification: How God Rectifies the Ungodly – Part One

By Richard K. Moore | ISBN 9780645165708

The doctrine of Justification, or, more accurately, of Rectification, is the doctrine that lay at the heart of the sixteenth-century Reformation in Europe. The Reformers developed an understanding of the doctrine that differed markedly from the views of their Roman Catholic contemporaries. Basing their understanding on the Greek in which the original New Testament documents were composed, they popularized their views by making translations from the Greek into various European languages.

The translations produced in the English language drew on two word-families (righteousness/justify) to represent the single word-family at the heart of Paul’s doctrine (dikaiosu/nh and cognates). With important exceptions, this practice has continued to the present day.

This monograph examines the issues this raises for understanding and conveying Paul’s doctrine in English. It is based on the author’s doctoral thesis (1978). After considerable additional research, the findings were published in 2002. Since that time, the work has been subject to further research and revision.

About the author
Richard K. Moore (BA, MA, DipEd, BD, PhD) lectured in Biblical Studies in Queensland (1974–1978) before returning to his home State to become Head of the New Testament Department at the Baptist Theological College of Western Australia (1979–2002), now Vose Seminary, and a Lecturer at Murdoch University (1986–2002). Richard and Kathleen Mack married in 1965. They have two sons and a daughter, five grandsons and one granddaughter. In retirement Richard continues as a Research Associate of Vose Seminary, publishing in the field of New Testament.

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