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Justification: How God Rectifies the Ungodly – Part Two

The New Testament doctrine of Justification, or, more accurately, of Rectification, was expounded by the apostle Paul, notably in his Letter to the Churches of Galatia and his Letter to the Christians of Rome.

For Paul, the doctrine of Rectification conveys the essence of the good news concerning Jesus Christ (Rom 1.16–17).

This volume, being Part Two of Justification: How God Rectifies the Ungodly, explores the main developments in how Paul’s doctrine of Rectification has been understood by successive generations over the past 2,000 years.

The various views are not only described, but also evaluated, using the conclusions reached in Part One as the yardstick.

About the author
Richard K. Moore (BA, MA, DipEd, BD, PhD) lectured in Biblical Studies in Queensland (1974–1978) before returning to his home State to become Head of the New Testament Department at the Baptist Theological College of Western Australia (1979–2002), now the Vose Campus of Morling College in New South Wales. He was also a Lecturer at Murdoch University (1986–2002).

Richard and Kathleen Mack married in 1965. They have two sons and a daughter, five grandsons and one granddaughter.

In retirement Richard continues as a Research Associate of Vose Campus, publishing in the field of New Testament.

ISBN 9780645411713

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