Jesus is Coming… Ready or Not

    Bruce Parsons


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    By Bruce Parsons | ISBN 9780648507772

    The recent compilation of various views on the rapture and the millennium have been a step forward in dealing with the deep divisions in Christendom concerning our understanding of end-time events.

    In Jesus Is Coming, Ready or Not, Pastor Bruce Parsons notes that Jesus and his apostles held only one view. This conviction has led the author to a new, thorough examination of the Old Testament prophecies, Jesus’ own teaching, and that of the apostles in the hope of discovering what these scriptures really say.

    The differences of opinion mean that some esteemed and well qualified scholars must have come to wrong conclusions and the author re-examines these with a strictly logical and literal approach in coming to the conclusions he presents here. This in-depth study will help you re-examine the scriptures and come to a more solidly based conclusion.

    About the author:

    Pastor Bruce Parsons B.Th., Trinity Cert. TESOL is an ordained pastor with the Assemblies of God in New Zealand. He currently serves as Assistant Pastor at Liberty Christian Church in Christchurch. He has served as a pastor, assistant pastor and teacher over many years. Having previously graduated from Christian Life Bible College, he later gained his B.Th. Degree from the New Covenant University, Florida. His wife has a B.A. degree and both have trained as Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, gaining TESOL Certificates. from Trinity College, London. They still teach English to home-stay students from overseas.

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