Manu Susan David

    ISBN 9780645880922

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    Jeremiah was called by God to share his message to a hostile people. This study book takes the reader through the book of Jeremiah in a structured manner, making 18 important pitstops along the way.

    In Jeremiah, the author delves into two aspects of the truth of God’s character: a loving, merciful, holy God, and a just God who holds our actions to account. In addition, it offers a unique insight into the heart and mind of one of God’s faithful servants. We learn powerful lessons as we examine Jeremiah’s emotional engagement, his compassion for the people, frustrations with what God was calling him to do, the hostility he faced, his struggle with desiring judgment for those who did evil, and concern about his own safety.

    These lessons were not relevant only for Jeremiah’s time, but speak into many of the challenges we face today in our own spiritual Journey: fear, hope, repentance, compassion, rejection, loneliness, discernment, hardships, obedience, idolatry and worship. This study book draws parallels through each lesson, which relate to the reader’s own spiritual journey in today’s times.

    About the author
    Manu Susan David lives in Perth, Australia with her husband, teenage son and her 9 year- old King Charles Cavalier. She loves to read, to cook for family and friends, and enjoys walking her pooch in the beautiful parks near where she lives. She loves the Lord and gave her life to Christ when she was 15, and there was no turning back. She is a scientist, a blogger and a women’s bible study leader. She enjoys studying the word of God and sharing nuggets of truth and wisdom that the Spirit teaches her in an effort to also stir the spirit, strengthen the faith and encourage others in their walk with God.

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