Jacob: A story of struggle for birthright and blessing

    Martin Ellgar


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    By Martin Ellgar | ISBN 9780645227765

    Jacob’s life was a drama from womb to grave. There were twists and turns to negotiate on his path through life. At one time, he had to flee from his twin brother Esau, and later from his uncle Laban with his daughters in hand. In his time of need, Jacob made a pact with God. So, God became his travel companion on his journey. And on the way, the reader will see how they build a relationship with each other, and how their pact was fulfilled.

    There are surprises in the narrative that would shock, and challenge the reader in their faith. This book, intuitively invites the reader to make their own pact with God, and start their own journey with God.

    The story of Jacob is a Bible commentary on a familiar character. The insights gathered into this book make it a valued resource for preaching, teaching, and for meditation on the word of God for personal growth and faith.

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