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    It Is Well

    Paula Connelly is the founding director of the Wellspring Healing Centre located in Victoria, Australia. Paula became a qualified life coach with the passion to enable, empower and equip others in finding hope and healing.

    Many years ago, Paula began her own healing journey after suffering with chronic fatigue and burnout, something she never planned that would rock her stable world, define her and take her on a whole new path. As a wife, mother, partner to her husband, and with a ministry as singer songwriter, worship leader and pastor in her church, she broke through an incredibly challenging time, finding healing from the inside out. Now, she oversees an international itinerate ministry and the Wellspring Healing Centre in country Victoria.

    Receiving healing and transformation has become Paula’s life message in bringing hope to others, in finding exactly that a life healed and whole in, and through, God’s word and the promises contained in them. 

    It Is Well – three simple words that grabbed her attention one day whilst reading the story of the Shunammite woman (2 Kings 4:26). She had such incredible strength and resolve in the midst of her great tragedy, yet she held fast to these words: ‘it is well with my soul’.

    Through the chapters of It Is Well and the everyday recipes for life, Paula’s hope is that each day you gain strength, healing and restoration for your entire being in finding the life of abundance promised to us through God’s precious promises.

    It’s the word of God, like medicine to our souls, that illuminates, renews our minds and guides us on the path of healing and wellbeing. Daily as you read and meditate, receive your own revelation and insight from the key scriptures, her prayer is that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. May ‘it is well’ be the words that you find arising and igniting in your hearts, each and every day.

    About the author
    Paula Connelly enjoys writing, cooking and being with her family, as well as being the director of the Wellspring Healing Centre. She has been married to her husband of 35 years, Graeme. Her books are inspired by her faith in God and from her own journey of wellbeing. Her passion is to inspire healing and total wellbeing for those seeking and desiring to becoming well from the inside out. Through their ministry of healing to the nations, they also support overseas missions and have partners in the Philippines, France, Singapore and Australia.

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