Is There an Elephant in My Living Room?

    Giuliano Sala Tenna


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    By Giuliano Sala Tenna | ISBN 9780648991274

    Have you ever wondered about God, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Brahma? Aren’t these all just central figures in different religions that humankind has manipulated and twisted over the centuries to control people and serve their own agenda?

    God or no God, what difference does it make to you? Humankind has been debating the existence of God forever and neither side appears to be able to provide a definitive knockout blow.

    Or have they? Ask yourself: how much time have you ever really spent to investigate God? What does history and archaeology have to say about Jesus? What about eye witnesses, science or millions of personal testimonies? How do we explain the fulfilment of pre-recorded prophecy?

    This book is little because if it wasn’t, you would never find the time to read it. Hit pause in your life, just for a moment. Open your mind, put aside your prejudices, and see where the facts lead you. Facts, not opinions, is what we shall seek; evidence and hard truths, not fairy tales. You’ve tried so many other things to find meaning in life, so why not give this story of Jesus Christ a go?

    I’ve known Giuliano personally for almost 20 years and have enjoyed many long conversations with him exploring the claims of Christianity. Like many of us, Giuliano didn’t want to follow a faith for traditional or cultural reasons, but rather, would only commit to following Jesus wholeheartedly if he was convinced from reasonable evidence that Jesus was who the Bible said he was – the eternal Word of God, through whom all things were made and have their being. 

    This book is a product of Giuliano’s wrestling process. It contains much of the rationale that ultimately convinced him to place his trust in Jesus as his Lord. I encourage anyone who has questions about God, meaning, purpose, forgiveness and the hope of eternal life, to read this short book as a start for their own investigation into these questions of ultimate importance. 
    Warick Smith, Senior Pastor, Claremont Baptist Church

    About the author
    Giuliano Robert Sala Tenna was born in Perth, Western Australia the youngest of six siblings into a Roman Catholic family. Having lost his Mother to cancer at 12 years of age Giuliano lost his faith and wandered for over 15 years seeking meaning in the secular world.

    Giuliano completed a Bachelor of Business degree at Curtin University of Technology with a double major in Economics and Finance, graduating with Distinctions, and proceeded to build a successful career in the Australian finance industry that has now spanned over 22 years.

    Becoming a millionaire before the age of twenty seven and then almost losing everything during the global financial crisis, Giuliano has experienced the highs and lows this world has to offer.

    Giuliano’s journey back to faith was one built on reason and research, critical assessment and personal experiences, it is a journey that continues to this day.

    Giuliano has been married for over 14 years to his beautiful wife, has two incredible sons, is a serving member of Claremont Baptist Church in Western Australia and remains active in the Australian finance industry being regularly quoted in the press and media.

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