Invitation to a Fast

    Matt Madigan


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    By Matt Madigan | ISBN 9780648507758

    Over the last decade, the worldwide church has seen a reawakening around prayer and fasting, but how does an individual believer or a local church engage with this in such a way that is full of grace and sustainable?

    Invitation to a Fast is a follow up to This Chosen Fast (Ark House) and will give you all the tools to answer that question. It presents a survey of all of the major biblical texts. It has a multitude of personal stories and tips to make fasting accessible. And it is all wrapped in a grace covered, invitational framework that can be missing from so many works-orientated fasting discussions.

    Invitation to a Fast is an opportunity to delve deeply in scripture, engage with an author who has fasted for multiple 3 day, 7 day, 21 day and 40 days fasts, and throw off guilt around prayer and fasting and respond to the heavenly invitation to change the history of the world.

    About the author:

    Matt Madigan is a pastor, speaker, author and a passionate faster. When Matt speaks about prayer and fasting, he does so from a wealth of personal experience. Much of Matt’s personal breakthrough has come through dedicating his life to prayer and fasting and for the last 20 years, a 40 day fast has been part of his annual routine. He is a known authority on the topic, leading a 40 day fast for ‘The Call Australia’ in 2004 which culminated with 6000 people attending 12-hour event at the Sydney Showground.

    Matt lives with his wife, Kate, and four children and together they pioneered a church plant in Sydney’s Bondi. He has 20 years of experience pastoring in a local church context as well as many years working at the coalface of social work.

    Matt has written 2 books: This Chosen Fast and Invitation to a Fast as well as blogging at

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