in front of them all

    In Front of Them All

    Bruce Kelly

    ISBN 9780645774115

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    The life and times of a street evangelist

    Born in a small country ‘bush nursing’ hospital in the Goulburn Valley district of Victoria, Australia, Bruce Kelly lived his first twenty-five years on a nearby farm, where his parents looked after sheep.

    The lessons Bruce learned in caring for the flock stood him in good stead for an unexpected twenty-five-year police career looking after sheep with two legs! These skills helped in his career on the raw edge of life in attending murder scenes, suicides, domestic violence, accidents and petty crimes. In all of this, he learned more about others, himself and God.

    These basic principles also assisted in a fifteen-year church planting career as a home missioner with the Baptist Union of Victoria. He was the first pastor of three churches – two in Victoria and one in the Kimberleys region of Western Australia. He was also involved in interimministries in New South Wales and with remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. In this he learned how to baptize, marry and bury.

    Upon returning to Victoria, he shared his story and literature in many languages with thousands of students, tourists and public over the last twenty years.

    In Front of Them All is not just Bruce’s story, but will inspire and encourage you to adopt a lifetime role of Great Commission activities in accord with your giftedness and circumstances of life as Stanley Tam’s book, Every Christian a Soul Winner, shares. As you read Bruce’s remarkable story, you will be challenged to understand that evangelism is a core component of your life.

    Bruce Kelly can be described with one word: Christlike. If you want a more in-depth description, I would add words like serious, faithful, credible and intense. Serious about keeping the peace, serious about keeping his word, serious about his faith. Intense in that no word you speak to him will fall to the ground – he hears and processes what you are saying. Bruce is faithful to his wife, faithful to his country, faithful to his calling from the Lord. He is an iron-sharpening, credible witness for Christ. I am blessed to say Bruce is my friend.
    Warren Hardig
    Men for Missions Global Ambassador

    This story is written in all honesty as it happened. A raw account of everyday Christians carrying out great exploits for God, in simple obedience to His Word.
    W Bramley

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