I Am a Child of God. I Am a Woman of Color

    Rose Garcia Rivera


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    By Rose Garcia Rivera | ISBN 9780645015355

    My sincerest longings, barest emotions, most heart-felt joy and my noblest thoughts:

    • About our current times with the pandemic, racial tensions and how I see myself in the midst
    • Why are we sent by God to this world?
    • Notion that no one reads poems anymore
    • About My Jesus, his unparalleled love for me

    and my ever-growing adoration for my Savior

    • 30 poems and prayers – lovingly for my friends, intimately for my God

    About the author
    After decades of being a nominal Christian or essentially an unbeliever, the Lord called Rose Garcia Rivera. Since then, while living in the same Sydney, Australia suburb, working a similar 9-5 job and having the same nice family, the Lord has filled her life with previously unimagined joy, peace and blessings.

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