How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds

    How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds

    James Campbell

    ISBN 9781763557215

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    In the fourth verse of John Newton’s beautiful hymn ‘How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds’ the hymnwriter lists ten attributes of Jesus that are a blessing to all believers who are walking the ‘narrow road’.

    This little book presents a series of reflections and meditations based on each attribute that may be a help for your spiritual quiet times. Each attribute comprises three sections.

    First, a reflection section that presents the author’s thoughts on that attribute. The author is a pew-dweller, so don’t expect to be overcome by weighty matters!

    Second, a hymn that is appropriate to that attribute and can be listened to by using a link or code.

    Third, a section that gives some thoughts for a meditation period for each attribute.

    As well as a personal tool, this book can be adapted for group discussion, or Bible study groups.

    About the author
    James Campbell is a Christian and lives with his wife and dog in Fairlight, Australia. When not communing with the Lord, he busies himself with pottering around, walking the dog with his wife, trying to keep fit, and coffee appreciation.

    He is the author of two previous books: ‘Read Your Bible! – Find hope, joy, peace, and freedom in the word of God’, an introduction to the Bible that encourages people to do just that; and The Logic of the Qur’an – An easy-to-read look at how the Qur’an and the Bible worship their respective gods.

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