Hope Wins

    Leisa Williams

    ISBN 9780645553567

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    When doctors predicted her son would never speak or progress beyond the capacity of a toddler, Leisa Williams’s life was thrown into turmoil. Suddenly, her own hopes and dreams were put on hold, sidelined by a constant stream of appointments, decisions, and unforeseen responsibilities.

    In Hope Wins, Leisa describes the emotional and physical toll of caring for a child with special needs and provides practical tools for those who find themselves in challenging situations. As Leisa shares her own personal journey along with insights gained over years of experience, you will be encouraged and empowered to:

    • Recognize caregiver fatigue
    • Take stock and evaluate what really matters
    • Advocate for your special needs child
    • Acknowledge the needs of other family members
    • Hold onto your own sense of purpose and identity
    • Work effectively with service providers
    • Identify the effects of grief and find healing
    • Receive God’s offer of hope in difficult circumstances

    A must-read for those who care ‘a whole, awful lot’ about special needs families.

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