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Hope Faith Truth

Dawn Pryor

ISBN 9780645227703

LIST PRICE: $19.99


In a world filled with disappointment, unbelief and deception, God offers us hope, faith and truth. In the pages of this book you will find encouragement and restoration for your weary soul. Each devotion and poem has been written to bring you into a place of closeness and comfort with the God of all peace.

As you read, allow the words to bring you back into alignment with who He created you to be, and His purpose for you. Let your passion and love for God be reignited as you spend time pondering His goodness, and expanding on His Word.

Allow your heart and soul to be permeated with His promises to you and over you. Be encouraged by the knowledge that God is for you in all things and that through Him, all things work together for good. Hope, Faith and Truth is God’s gift to you.

About the author
Dawn Pryor is an ordinary woman who places her faith in an extraordinary God. Throughout her growing years, Dawn travelled extensively with her family, never settling anywhere long enough to make good friends. In this time, books became her lifeline and reading and writing became her passion.

As a Christian for over 36 years, Dawn loves to write about the incredible goodness of God and loves nothing more than sharing that with others. During COVID-19 she started an Instagram page @Hopefaithtruth to encourage and bless those she knew who were suffering, reminding them of the love of God and His purpose and plan for their lives.

As a wife and mother of two adult children, Dawn enjoys spending her free time exploring her home area of the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, or on the beaches of Phillip Island. She can often be found on the sandy shores, journal in hand, writing for the glory of God. www.islandrestandrestore.com.au

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