Honest Surrender

    Angelie Patsianis


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    By Angelie Patsianis | ISBN 9780645037586

    We all experience heartache, brokenness, suffering, pain and loss in our lives. Yet even in the midst of these challenges, our human nature still fights to be in control of it all. There’s freedom in completely letting go, despite not knowing what’s on the other side. Waiting for us is a life full of promise, that is found when surrendering to our Heavenly Father who knows more about us than we ever could.

    Angelie Patsianis’ raw and honest testimony of relationship heartache, family brokenness and challenges that come with the transition into early adulthood, delves into an exploration of how letting go of our own understanding and control is the key to living a fulfilled life. With pages included from her personal journal, she identifies ways that help you towards choosing a life of wholehearted surrender. One full of freedom, peace and hope.

    About the author
    Angelie Patsianis is a Worship Leader at Influencers Church Australia. She is passionate about seeing people wholeheartedly give their life to Christ and live out their God-given purposes. She currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband, Alexi and is a cat mum to Boss and Bina. She is a lover of naps, reading, demolishing a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak and psychological thriller movies. Her love for journaling was one of the catalysts towards writing her first book and through this, she endeavours to inspire those to find hope, peace and freedom in our Saviour.

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