Holly Unfriended

    Holly Unfriended

    Tes Nelson

    ISBN 9780645920727

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    Holly is an every day 8 year-old girl. She’s also discovering that friendship can be a little tricky now she’s getting older.

    In learning valuable lessons through Ruth in the Bible, Holly needs to decide to forgive or to stay unfriended.

    What will she do?

    About the author
    Tes Nelson Lives in Perth, Western Australia with her Husband and two Daughters. Tes has served in a variety of ministries: from running children’s ministry, becoming a youth co-ordinator, to serving on worship teams and MOPs (Mother of pre-schoolers).

    She currently works as an Education Assistant, loves spending time with her family and friends, walking their dog, soaking up the summer sunshine and slow days at home. Her heart is to see children and youth grow and flourish into all they can be, as has been her desire for more than 20 years.

    Holly was born out of deep desire to see our young girls rise up and be encouraged to become the incredible women of God he designed them to be, whilst leaning biblical lessons from women in the bible.

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