his workmanship

    His Workmanship

    Professor John Clark

    ISBN 9780645636697

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    When, in faith, we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we become a new creation, as St Paul explains in his letters to the fledgling churches he helped to found.  As believers, we are no longer in the control and service of Satan and our lives are shaped by our relationship with Jesus, the one who has saved us from sin and death. We become instead, as St Paul tells us, His workmanship and our lives should provide evidence of this to everyone around us.

    Yet we still face a daily battle while we are here on earth, a struggle between our redeemed nature and our fallen sinful selves. This is a lifelong struggle, in which only by God’s strength and the presence of the Holy Spirit within us can we begin to look more like our Creator.

    His Workmanship aims to explore and deepen our understanding of some of the issues that confront us all in the challenge of becoming God’s workmanship in our daily lives. It is designed so that each chapter can be read independently as a stand-alone topic and begins with an exploration of who Jesus really is, His role in creation, and ends by looking at what the bible tells us will happen when He returns.

    His Workmanship deals in more depth with commonly used terms such as grace, faith and trust, as well as the practical issue of dealing with doubt and temptation. It also includes an examination of the biblical account of the nature and purpose of prayer that goes beyond treating it as a shopping list.

    His Workmanship will also help you view creation in such a way that it becomes  extraordinary evidence in our universe for the work of a creator.

    About the author
    Professor John Clark (BA Hons1 PhD Macquarie) is a retired lecturer, university researcher, and university president who has also worked internationally for a large multinational electronics organisation. He has previously co-authored books in electronic engineering, linguistics and speech science, and has a particular research interest in man-machine interaction and the cognitive processes involved. He has had a lifetime commitment to his Christian faith that began as a teenager, and this remains his primary priority. In retirement, he has used his technical skills to help install a large short wave radio station with worldwide coverage that broadcasts the gospel in 30 languages from far northern Australia. He has also served as board chairman of a major Christian aged care organisation, as well as serving as a layman in the ministry program of his local church in greater Sydney. He has been happily married for over half a century, and has three adult children and six grandchildren

    This volume is intended to provide encouragement to fellow Christians and enquirers everywhere, and especially to his family and friends in their Christian journey.

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