His Life's Journey

    His Life’s Journey

    Fawzey Hage

    ISBN 9781763511200

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    Tanyus Hage was orphaned at 6 years of age during the First World War. The odds were against him, but not only did he survive all the handicaps and potential fatal hazards, he rose to achieve things that most educated people failed to do. He never saw the inside of a classroom, but the world around him was his school.

    From the dangerous backdrop of the War in Lebanon, to the unknown African environment of the 1930s, he finally ended up in Australia. Tanyus went through all those changes.

    Despite the lack of education, and the many years in Africa, he survived by his ability to learn from his environment. He saw opportunity where others did not. He survived two world wars, and took advantage of situations. He went from strength to strength. However, one political circumstance made him leave Africa. That was when he migrated to Australia.

    Despite it all, he was very happy to be in Australia, and in particular to see his young family settled and moving on to establishing their individual pathways.

    Tanyus Hage’s story is one of triumph over adversity, laced with pride and love, and will inspire all who feel like they do not have it in them to make it through whatever challenge they face, that they in fact do.

    About the author
    Fawzey Hage is the second sibling of eight, seven surviving. He was born in the remote backcountry of Ghana (formerly Gold Coast) shortly after the Second World War. Schooling then was a privilege and he remained uneducated until he went to Scotland in 1962. His father wanted him to become a Civil Engineer. In his ignorance, he absorbed his aspiration and advanced head-on to become an Engineer. In the eight years he studied in Scotland, he completed the Scottish High School Certificate, and then matriculated into university to undertake a Civil Engineering Degree. In 1970, he migrated to Australia as a fully qualified Civil Engineer. He has always maintained an interest in poetry and writing, sharing his thoughts and my recollections of his father’s life finally forced its way out of his subconsciousness.

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