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He Speaks Tenderly

Beryl Spencer

ISBN 9780995421516

LIST PRICE: $22.99


Many in today’s world may feel forsaken, unloved… But the truth is God has not turned his back on you. He has not rejected you; he loves you and is speaking tenderly to your heart – if you will listen.

He Speaks Tenderly explores the tender voice of God – from the Garden of Eden through to the New Testament. In Song of Solomon He is the tender voice of the Beloved Bridegroom.

From the least unlikely people, a prostitutes, adulterers and widowers, to those who weren’t named but known to God, it seems He still speaks tenderly to the hearts that will not only listen and awaken to Him but also respond to His tender voice.

He Speaks Tenderly takes the reader on a journey from Genesis, some of the great love stories, and then into the New Testament, where we meet Jesus speaking tenderly to those hurt and torn in daily life circumstances, challenged through disappointment and discouragement. This is a book that addresses ordinary, everyday life and the challenges we all face daily.

This book will bless you and you will find God drawing near to you. The Bridegroom is coming. He speaks tenderly to His Bride. Will you listen to His words?

About the author
Beryl Spencer is a mother and grandmother and lives with her husband on a cattle property outside Kilkivan, Australia. Beryl is a longtime community leader and advocate for abused children, working in high school and then working with Governments to amend legislation to protect children.Beryl has received rewards for her commitment to community, child protection and small business. She has held various mentoring and leadership roles both in community and Church and across a broad demography in urban and rural areas. Beryl’s love of writing developed over the years and started with composition in school. Later Beryl wrote articles for Church magazines, Women’s Magazines, always feeling the importance of sharing the authentic Christian life and desiring to bring the Word of God alive to others. Beryl is a speaker and conference presenter. This is Beryl’s third book that shares what she believes is most important for Christians, and that is shining the love of Jesus and the light of the Cross in the hard and difficult places of life.

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