Guilt-Free Mothering

    Kylie Seah


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    by Kylie Seah | ISBN 9780648050810

    Ever felt an overwhelming sense of guilt as a Mum??
    Never feel like you are doing a good enough job??
    Is guilt just seen as part of the mothering task??

    In “Guilt Free Mothering” it shows us simply how much God loves us and how he doesn’t want us to live with guilt.

    It gives straightforward, easy and effortless strategies that will change your thinking. By changing our thoughts this

    us to be more powerful, effective and loving Mums.

    Kylie Seah is an early childhood trained educator and mother to four children between the ages of 11 and 18. She has been a Christian for 23 years and has written this book based on great Christian preaching and revelations over the years. She does not claim to be a super mum just wants to reveal the freedom from guilt Christ wants us to all have as Mums.

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