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Guided: A True Story

Jo Brennan


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Jo Brennan | ISBN 9780648458500

Guided is the author’s own story about herself, recording events both tragic and funny that happened during her childhood and as a missionary nurse in Africa. Her own sketches of some of the incidents that occur will amuse the reader.

Jo Brennan tells of how she put her trust in Jesus Christ, and how she heard God’s call to serve Him as a nurse with CMS in Tanzania, then SIM in Liberia, West Africa and with street children at Colombo City Mission in Sri Lanka.  The book also tells the story of twelve year-old Warwick Walker and his African friend who was treated by Nurse Jo in Liberia, and how Warwick grew up to become a missionary in West Africa and continues to serve there as this book goes to print in late 2018.  

Jo writes her story for children aged ten to teens and for adults of any age.

“A wonderful read – I kept reading late into the night.”
James Toose, CMS

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