Grace’s Odyssey

    By Nancy Gunders

    I own the cattle on a thousand hills,
    I am the restorer of the breach;
    I am the father to the fatherless and the husband to the widow;
    I am he who stands in the gap for you, and my love for you transcends all space and time.
    All that the enemy plots and carries out, will be cut short;
    All that I have planted will yield fruit, some but for a brief time, some for a longer period.
    I am a loving Father of my children and this other-the father of all lies-his time is short to deceive and lay waste.
    I am the resurrection of life and I will bring forth my family from the tomb and the barren dry places.
    ‘Exquisite fruit trees and flowers never seen before are now growing in these barren dry places.
    These are they who, like precious wheat, are stored in my barns to nourish and strengthen those of mine whose bodies are racked with starvation.
    These are my precious new vessels that will hold the new wine, the fullness of my glory being revealed in these who have died to self, that I may be completely revealed in them.
    All my creation now waits for these ones foreknown, to be made manifest throughout this chaotic and ruthless time.
    The Bride Groom awaits his Bride to make herself ready, no longer will she linger in uncertainty, her wanton eyes revealing her disloyalty.
    As I am faithful even when she is faithless-I will gather her in my arms, shamelessly revealing my great love for her.
    She will be my Bride and I her Husband.
    She is like that most precious jewel being refined in much heat; and much heat brings forth my vessel’s perfection.
    Cities of Light shining out and revealing the great darkness.
    Cities of restoration: those who are blind and deaf and maimed, will be restored and great shall be their peace and unspeakable joy.
    The First shall be last and the Last shall be First. AMEN!