Grace’s Odyssey

    Nancy Gunders


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    By Nancy Gunders

    Terrible Darkness was beginning to cover the whole Earth. It seemed like nothing would stop it, multitudes killed and dying at the hands of dark and insidious men.

    A Great King, known as the King of Lights, was the ruler of two Great Lands. One was called the Lowlands the other called the Land of Secret Valleys and mountainous regions.  One of these Valleys would eventually be chosen to fight a Great and Final Battle between the Great Light and the Great Darkness.

    An Ancient Prophecy of a Child Chosen by the Great King of Lights would be greatly instrumental in bringing about the Reign of Darkness to its end.

    This Chosen Child would re-establish the Ancient Light-Bearing Warrior Skills, of the Ancients of long ago.

    A Giant Eagle and a Giant Leopard had been chosen by the King of Lights to be the Chosen Childs Guardians.  They would do their very best, to protect her and see she fulfills her destiny. Even at the cost of their own lives.     

    The Dark King, his deviates and their hordes of humanoids, always not far behind the three of them. He must find a way to destroy her at whatever cost.

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