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Grace Upon Grace

Teri Kempe


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By Teri Kempe | ISBN 9780648825913

Teri Kempe had a job she loved in Sydney, Australia when her life took an unexpected turn. Having just reached retirement age, she heard the unmistakable call of God to move to Fiji as a missionary volunteer. With only her aged pension for financial support, she left her family, friends and church for five life-changing years.

Grace Upon Grace is the story of the author’s five amazing years as a missionary. She shares the highs and lows of her time there, as well as her trust in God as she went about his work. Over five years, without knowing what the future held for her, she made a startling discovery that God’s grace is tangible. She began to see life through a different lens as God worked his refining process.

It was not easy. Sometimes she cried, sometimes she laughed, but through it all she grew closer to understanding God’s unconditional love. She found a peace and joy she could not imagine possible as God saturated her in His grace.

About the author:
Teri’s life was dramatically altered by a family tragedy that threatened to completely destroy her. Where was God through the pain? How could she ever live a normal life again? She found answers to these questions when she volunteered in Fiji. Having since returned to Australia, she is still volunteering, but loves spending time with her children and grandchildren and everything Fijian.

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