Goodbye For Now or Goodbye Forever

    Jakki Civeriati


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    By Jakki Civeriati | ISBN 9780645165746

    Footsteps to a Functional Family

    Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we wanted, what we hoped for, and what we have dreamed of. We step into a marriage with our picture of how we will be treated with love, with respect, with value, yet what do we do when what we expected all comes crashing down? When we realise the person we married, doesn’t have the character that seemed to be there before we said, “I do”?

    Are you living in an emotionally abusive marriage? Are your days spent trying to manage the emotional carnage from living under controlling behavior such as explosions of rage, silent treatment, destructive criticism, name calling, jealousy, infantilisation, manipulation and guilt trips?

    Do you find yourself in confusion when, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the abusive person in your life flips between charming and loving to being abusive and mean? Are you building up walls for self-preservation? Do you find yourself becoming lost in the rejection, in loneliness, in neglect?

    Jakki Civeriati sets out to place tools in the hands of women who are found in this very situation. Be it in a marriage, family, vocation, or ministry—anywhere they are having to deal with abusive, controlling behavior, whether it be learning to manage this treatment or deciding to leave.

    Jakki shares her story of a 26-year journey of breaking free and overcoming the cycle of emotional abuse. After years of searching for healing, she found herself in the arms of a loving Father God who wrapped her up and set her life on a new course.

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