God’s Great Embrace: Discovering Deeper Intimacy With Jesus

    Adrian Best


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    By Adrian Best | ISBN 9780648887386

    Imagine experiencing the same unshakable joy Jesus had while he walked this earth. Feeling for yourself his inherent sense of love and belonging, peace and assurance, purpose and fulfillment, despite life’s sufferings. All this can indeed be yours!

    Take a journey through God’s Great Embrace and explore the wonder and mystery of the believer’s union with Christ. Come to know true freedom through sharing in the life of Abba’s Son, Jesus.

    Full of stories, rich truths and an abundance of practical applications, this engaging book presents a profound yet easy-to-read biblical exploration of the triune God’s love and grace in a way that’s sure to encourage and inspire you as well as challenge and transform you.

    Unerringly directing the reader to Christ – the very center of life’s mystery – this book is a must-read for those seeking spiritual substance.
    Rev. Dr. Yates, chair, Evangelical Alliance, Australia

    About the author

    Adrian Best studied the biblical truth of union with Christ as a Doctor of Theology for three years at the University of Divinity, Australia.  Professionally, Adrian is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is actively involved in his local church and loves spending time with Heidi, his wife of twenty years, and their three young children. In his spare time, Adrian enjoys keeping fit, playing piano and reading about theology and artificial intelligence.

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