God’s Ad-Man

    By Tom Glynn | ISBN 9780645141740

    Tom Glynn has had an extraordinary life. Advertising didn’t seem the most likely career choice for a young Tom Glynn, the son of an illegal SP bookie, and at 16, a school failure. When Tom became a Christian in his early 20s, the advertising industry was a tough place to be.

    Working in top advertising agencies in Sydney, Singapore and London, he could see that Christian organisations needed to be better communicators. In 1974, he opened his own agency, Tom Glynn Advertising, aimed at helping Christian organisations reach their audiences more effectively.

    All of this, while struggling with clinical depression.‘God’s Ad-Man’ is his story of success and failure, commitment and hope, in business as well as personal life. You’ll be encouraged to walk your own journey of fulfilment, courage and contribution.

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