God’s Ad-Man

    Tom Glynn

    ISBN 9780645141740

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    When today’s challenges seem insurmountable, Christians can be encouraged by the faith of people who have persevered—and overcome.

    Tom Glynn’s book ‘God’s Ad-Man’ may have taken place in the top advertising agencies of Sydney, Singapore and London in the second half of last century.

    But his story answers questions and issues that are current and pressing.

    • How can you communicate your faith in a hostile, secular environment?
    • How can we better understand, support and prevent mental health issues such as burnout, depression?
    • How can you reconcile your faith and witness in your career.

    From failing at school, to working amongst advertising highflyers, Tom Glynn faced his own challenges on the way to the top… and decided not to stay there.

    In Sydney, in the seventies, he opened an agency to help Christian organisations reach their audiences more effectively—all while struggling with clinical depression.

    ‘God’s Ad-Man’ is Tom Glynn’s story of success and failure, commitment, and hope, in business as well as personally and spiritually. Gain encouragement and hope as you face the challenges of today and walk your own journey of fulfillment, courage and contribution.

    Learn more about the author, or order copies at www.tomglynn.com.au.

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