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God of Miracles

Dr. Gordon Moore


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By Dr. Gordon Moore | ISBN 9780648919421

Everywhere I travel, I meet so many people who are suffering with sickness and pain. People who are unaware that the Lord Jesus Christ has made provision for them. Provision both for their salvation spiritually and for their physical healing and health through His work on the cross of Calvary.

This is not an attempt to present an exhaustive theological treatise on the subject, nor is it to prove, or defend the truths of divine healing. Rather it is to provide a declaration of Christ’s atoning, healing power, which has been made available to all who will believe and receive.

Once we are convinced in our minds and hearts that divine healing is God’s provision in Christ for us, we will be able to boldly ask in faith for a miracle of healing from the Lord Jesus Christ.

The words of Gordon Lindsey ably express this conviction:-

“The question no longer is, ‘Does God heal today?’
Rather, to the individual in need of healing it is,
‘since so many are being healed, what must I do to be delivered also?’”

It is my sincere prayer that as you read this book, you also will be encouraged and strengthened in your faith to reach out to our Lord Jesus Christ and discover your healing and health.

About the author
From humble beginnings, Gordon and Jo Moore pioneered C3 Church Bridgeman Downs in Brisbane, Australia into a great and exciting church, influencing the local community and beyond for the cause of Christ. Gordon has retired from his role as senior minister and now travels to churches across the globe ministering to Christians, as well as mentoring pastors.

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