God Encounters of a Misfit

    God Encounters of a Misfit

    Peter Evans

    ISBN 9781763511231

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    Ninety percent of the world’s population seems to be unaware of the potential in this essential realm of the safe Supernatural. It is there to solve problems from personal to national and global; even to the great beyond, the hereafter. The present state of the world highlights this gap.

    The fastmoving narrative—with its gripping and fascinating reports—is an attempt to draw attention to the astounding value it has been to just one person: using personal anecdotes of Supernatural encounters over 50 years from which the reader may draw their own conclusions.

    In this entertaining and inspiring real-life adventure, the Spiritual intrusions from the invisible world: surprise, amaze, amuse, overwhelm, delight, shock, redirect, equip, correct, empower; puzzle and provide virtually every human need (not excluding romance). The theophanies train and shape a life relentlessly in directions beyond the author’s anticipation. Biblical and evidence-based with witnesses and concrete outcomes, the God-encounters offer rich and often stunning insights into the ways of the benign Invisible Hand; a hand available to anyone with a problem to solve, and especially those with a view to their own hereafter and a value-added experience here.

    “Peter’s tale of being transformed from an alcohol-drenched young man in Sydney, Australia, to an on-fire exponent of the Christian Gospel and a witness to astonishing supernatural encounters is one of the most engrossing spiritual tales I have ever read. His life as a biker, a cab driver in the seedier areas of Sydney, ministering in Melanesia, his participation in Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship meetings in California, and his work as a publicist for dynamic Australian Christian organizations is a rich tapestry of human encounters. It is one of the most engrossing spiritual tales I have ever read.”
    Dr David Aikman, award-winning print and broadcast journalist; foreign affairs commentator, 23-year career at TIME magazine and best-selling author (Jesus in Beijing; Mother Teresa; The Faith of Billy Graham, and others).

    “Peter worked as a publicist on our biggest Conference, Jesus’79 and I enjoyed reading his record of it. I’m happy to commend this book.”
    Dr Alan Langstaff, founder of The Temple Trust, a spear-head organisation for Australia’s Charismatic movement.

    “You are a masterful writer and storyteller.”
    Stefan Horvath, Full Gospel Business Australia (FGBA)

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your amazing stories of healing, manifestations and reliable leadings. I enjoy your humour. It’s been a very entertaining and inspiring read. The plot is constantly moving with colourful tales such as the prostitutes or promiscuous you come across as a taxi driver, the wonderful romance, the stories of provision and the amazing spiritual experiences themselves. You write in a very conversational and relatable tone.”
    Joanne, manuscript editor with First Editing

    About the author
    The author’s earlier family days of mixed and non-faiths, an adventurous spirit and a rudderless youth, led to some heart-breaking personal crashes and a corresponding dramatic rescue by unusual Supernatural experiences, initially resisted. The surprises continue unabated over 50 years to provide him with unassailable evidence the whole thing is very real—in fact the true reality behind our earthly reality.

    These experiences yielded a theological training at an Adelaide university, five mainline seminaries and three Bible colleges (can you be educated beyond your intellect?) and ministry in Australia and other nations at various levels.

    In his passion to make Jesus public—as ‘the answer to everything’—he has involved himself in national and local mainstream media: broadcast, print and digital; and service in trans-denominational outreach and equipping organisations such as: Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International; the Charismatic renewal’s Temple Trust and Tabor College; Adelaide’s Eternity Matters and Stories of Life—and of course his taxi driving days in Sydney’s red-light districts.

    If you’re interested in the Supernatural this book is a must-read.


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