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Giant Killers

Tim Hall

ISBN 9781921589485

LIST PRICE: $19.99


The motionless form of a giant of Gath lay face down on the battlefield of Shochoh and blood from his forehead seeped into the earth below his face. The great intimidator Goliath, champion of Philistia, lay motionless. His terrifying words had ceased. A smooth stone from a shepherd boy’s sling was embedded in his skull. Goliath was finished.

For the shepherd boy David, it was a giant-sized step into the awesome place of destiny that God had ordained for him. It was a step from obscurity and rejection to kingly dominion, fame and wealth, global and eternal influence. It was a step that was ultimately felt as Messiah took His place in history establishing His Kingdom on Earth.

Like David, an army of giant killers has been prepared by God for this hour. Often with small flocks and in lonely places of isolation, rejection and insignificance, this body of men, women, boys and girls is receiving its training for the most fruitful, significant time ever planned for world history.

The giants we face are not going to destroy us. We are not their prey. They are ours. They are food for us. They are to be swallowed up by God’s anointed champions, by the mighty power indwelling us. They are “our breakfast”, strengthening our resolve to step up to each new day.

Giant Killers will empower you, the everyday believer, as you take on the Giants that you face in life.

About the author
Tim Hall is one of Australia’s best known and successful evangelists having preached globally for over 40 years. During this time he has preached on every continent to crowds of up to 100,000 people at one time. His emphasis has been the saving of souls and the healing of sick bodies in the name of Jesus. Together with his wife Jacque they travel the world, having seen over a million people come to Christ.

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