Get Yourself Back in Motion
Jason T. SmithJason T. Smith
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    Jason T. Smith

  • Other Books by
    Jason T. Smith

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Get Yourself Back in Motion

Jason T. Smith

ISBN 9780975633182

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Having treated thousands of clients over more than a decade and supervised hundreds of trained physiotherapists in one of Australia’s leading health care groups, few people are better positioned to give advice on physical health and wellness than International Author and Speaker Jason Smith. Written in plain English, this unique book will change your life by combining time-proven and medically sound principles with an innovative philosophy of self-empowerment.

You will Discover:

  • The secret to wellness is a lot more than being “uninjured” or pain-free
  • Crucial health advice that doctors and therapists rarely have time to share with you
  • The importance of physical movement to living longer and enjoying life
  • Innovative strategies to reduce pain immediately and make a fast recovery
  • How to assess which treatment options are best for you
  • Proven approaches to achieving lasting results from each physiotherapy session, and not ‘lose the benefits’ over time
  • How to save time and money by not becoming dependent on your practitioner

The Back In Motion Story – A Simple Philosophy:

Back in Motion Health Group first emerged as a concept or desire to operate a first class physiotherapy practice which offered clients’ holistic solutions, sustainable outcomes, genuine and ongoing after-care, and was altogether encapsulated in relating to people with prestige and dignity. The more traditional physiotherapy practice models observed at the time certainly did not reflect these found values or philosophies of care. Back in Motion Health Group commenced as a small practice in the home of founders, Jason and Paulina Smith, in September 1999. Their early success resulted in quick growth and by April 2000 had moved the practice from their home into more suitable commercial medical facilities. An expert and committed team soon gathered around Jason and Paulina as they focused on emerging as one of the choice physiotherapy providers and employers in our industry.

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