get clean

    Get Clean

    Will Fieldhouse

    ISBN 9780645880991

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    Once you’re born again, everything is supposed to work out great from then on, right? Well, as most Christians will tell you, it doesn’t always work out that way.

    “The 12 step program’s definition of sobriety misses the mark. In Matthew 5:27 Jesus said lust in the heart is sin, thus the truest measure of freedom from lust is measured in the heart, not by external actions alone. The struggler with sex addiction is starved for love and acceptance and he needs a new heart, which only God can do. Focusing on the externals alone is the same as cutting off the top of a weed; it’ll grow back unless the roots are exposed and dealt with.” – Mike Genung, Blazing Grace Ministries

    This was the case for Will Fieldhouse, the Queensland, Australia-based author of Get Clean. Will became a committed follower of Jesus, but that didn’t mean that ridding himself of a pornography addiction was going to be easy. Finally he discovered that we can’t rid ourselves of addictions, only God can do it.

    Get Clean tells Will’s story, and will be a great help to those still struggling through pornography addiction.

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